As Head of Division, Ashley Shojaie directs and oversees Mike Holmes Inspections, including the business unit, Inspectors, Customer Service division and related investment initiatives and analyses. Her extensive knowledge in the Canadian housing market, inspection industry and operations management has led to strategies that have directly increased the overall value of every Mike Holmes Inspection performed under her authority.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Criminology from York University and has accumulated over seven years experience in business development, team management, data analyses and related research. Her career includes working in service-oriented industries and managing professionals from diverse backgrounds into one cohesive unit, motivated by the same goals. She has played a central role in developing and implementing policies and procedures that have fostered growth and effective business operations, while advancing quality assurance and client service management.

Through the development of focused strategies, Ashley has generated initiatives to expand the division, promote business growth and increase quality throughout all levels of business operations and services, ensuring thoroughness of inspections and a dedication to Make It Right®.


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