Finding the right inspector is like finding the right contractor – you need to do your research. A big part of that research is hearing from past clients. Find out what people had to say about their Mike Holmes Inspection:

"On the day of the inspection, my inspector arrived 15 minutes early and made sure I had the answers I was looking for before leaving. The final pass of the exterior included the infrared camera inspection (which I think is a must for anyone serious about buying a home).

I can say with absolute confidence that the service and attention I received on this call was spectacular. The inspection provided me the ability to confidently plan my short, mid and long-term maintenance plan for my new home. This is likely the most expensive home inspection you can order but it is also the most thorough. And when you consider the money you lose if you don’t protect yourself it is a drop in the bucket."

– David from Pickering
"Our Home Inspector was very professional and knowledgeable and well worth the visit. I will use the service again for my one-year inspection without hesitation! Send our best to Mike Holmes and his team for building such a strong reputation and brand of being the best in the biz!!"
– Michelle from Ancaster
"Wow, wow and wow. What a report! I was so grateful for your patience and kindness and amazing knowledge base. Now reading your report I’m so completely impressed. The thoroughness is beyond my wildest expectations. It shocks me how detailed the report is. Your attention to detail and overall professionalism is very impressive and appreciated."
– Debbie from Mississauga
"What an awesome experience – worth every penny! I am so impressed!!!! Finally someone who can do a proper inspection! We had a previous inspector do a 'complete' evaluation of our home and so many issues were missed. After 4 basement leaks, we decided to call a real specialist to re-examine the whole house. I am shocked by the difference in the quality of the reports – YOURS is comprehensive, simple to understand, informative and visual – everything a homeowner needs."
– Laurie from Calgary
"My inspector's meticulous and rigorous approach far surpassed my expectations. While the price was a little steep, I believe that in this instance, you pay for what you get. My inspector revealed some valuable information critical to my warranty (i.e. inconsistent grading outside, improper flashing, lack of roof drainage, basement moisture, and most importantly incomplete insulation that I would not have detected had he not used the thermal camera – well worth it)."
– Franklin from Oakville
"Your inspector was extremely polite and informative...I would definitely recommend Mike Holmes Inspections to everyone and anyone. P.S. We’ll be getting in contact with you again for another inspection – the one-year one for sure and possibly the 30-day."
– Gary from Woodbridge
"I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the home inspection I had done this week and the report I received afterwards. It was a completely different experience from the last time I had one done. Your inspector was extremely professional and thorough and he explained everything really well. I just wanted to thank him and also Mike Holmes for having such qualified people doing these inspections."
– Joan from Kawartha Lakes
"Your inspector was very professional and respectful. More importantly he taught me a great deal about maintaining a home, which is a new experience for me. Words cannot express my gratitude to everyone I dealt with throughout this experience."
– Patricia from Waterloo
"First I wanted to say how absolutely FANTASTIC, this home inspection was. It was worth every penny, it was invaluable information, thorough and very educational as well. Thank you so much, it was definitely worth it. An eye opening and fantastic first experience with your company. I can't say enough to express how fantastic your service is."
– Matylda from Guelph
"Your inspector was great!! –took time to explain all aspects of the inspection, easy to understand recommendations for improvements, I felt like he really cared that I understood what I needed to know to make informed decisions regarding purchasing the property."
– Maria from Calgary
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