Quality Home Inspections in Ottawa

Thorough Home Inspections in Ottawa

If you are buying or selling a home and want to avoid any surprises before making that large investment, a thorough home inspection can help. We are Ottawa and Eastern Ontario’s best home inspection company. We provide professional home inspection services for any real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling a home, or even renovating, we offer thorough home inspections in Ottawa.

Buying A House In Ottawa?

A  Mike Holmes home inspection provides you with an accurate and unbiased third-party assessment of the condition of the house before you make an offer. 

A home inspection (or a pre-purchase home inspection) is a thorough assessment of the major systems of your home. A quality home inspection means you can make informed decisions about your new home. Mike Holmes Inspections in Ottawa offers quality packages, including mold and radon testing and thermal imaging.

The Best Home Inspection Service in Ottawa

We offer full service inspections for home owners using advanced equipment. Your local Mike Holmes Inspector in Ottawa will inspect the major systems in your home and you will receive a thorough Mike Holmes Home Inspection 

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Report. We encourage you to go through the report thoroughly before making your home purchasing decision.

We provide a complete range of home inspection services to ensure you can purchase or sell your home with confidence.

Our inspectors are highly experienced, trained and certified. 

Speciality Areas of Inspection in Ottawa

Our Mike Holmes home inspector in Ottawa provides a thorough inspection based on the home inspection package you pick. Some of the items in the checklist include:

  • Roofing System,
  • Structure Systems,
  • Exterior Systems,
  • Garages,
  • Fireplaces and Chimneys,
  • Interior Systems,
  • Plumbing System,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Electrical Systems,
  • Heating Systems, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems

How Much Is a Home Inspection in Ottawa?


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We have several different packages for home inspections. Please fill out our form or give us a call to find out the cost of your home inspection in Ottawa. Costco members click here for special pricing.


Do you Really Need A Home Inspection in Ottawa?

Buying a home without getting an inspection is not a good idea. Think about how much you’re spending on the purchase of your home. Now think about the extra few hundred dollars it will take to get a thorough home inspection done. It’s worth the extra money. 

Here is Mike Holmes’ article on WHY YOU NEED A HOME INSPECTION.

How long do Mike Holmes Inspections take?

A typical home inspection of an average single-family home size 1800 – 3500 sq. ft. will take approx. 2.5-3 hours. During this time, your local home inspector can thoroughly inspect your home, provide you with a detailed home inspection report and answer any questions you may have.

Your Home Inspector in Ottawa –

Certified Mike Holmes

Your Mike Holmes inspector in Ottawa is:

  • Fully trained and industry certified by Mike Holmes Inspections and third party accredited courses
  • A Certified Thermographer (thermal imaging)
  • Responsive, able and willing to answer your questions and on time
  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • An excellent customer service provider with a smile knowing they help homeowners every day!

Check out Inspector Nate from Ottawa’s videos! 

Can I use my inspection report as a type of home warranty for the home I am looking to purchase?

A Mike Holmes Inspection is an information service. The inspection and the inspection report are not a guarantee, warranty, or insurance policy regarding the physical state of your house. 

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“I started Mike Holmes Inspections 10 years ago because I wanted homeowners to see the real value of home inspections done to the highest standards by a team of expertly trained and certified professionals. If you want to Buy It Right, Sell It Right or Own It Right, you need reliable and trusted information to guide you during (likely) the largest purchase decisions of your life. Together, we can Make it Right!” Mike Holmes, TV Host & Professional Contractor

Home Inspector using thermal imaging
The thermal imaging camera detects temperature differences and patterns on a wall, a wet area and the surrounding dry areas can indicate the presence of moisture that would not be visible during a home inspection without a thermal imaging camera. Findings like these could be an indication of previous water issues or a slow leak that should be further investigated.

Packages for Home Inspections in Ottawa:

Home Inspection in Halifax

Mike’s Extended inspection package includes Thermal Imaging to help determine if your home is energy efficient, and checks for air and water infiltration. Protect not only your family’s safety but also their health by testing for any abnormal mold growth.

Home Inspection in Halifax
The Mike Holmes’ inspection that goes even further with all the same services as the Extended Inspection with the addition of Radon Testing.

Find A Home Inspector in Ottawa!

Here is WHY you need a home inspection!

Book Your Home

Homebuyers should expect quality and integrity in a home inspection and you will get it with a Mike Holmes Inspection.

Book Your Home

Homebuyers should expect quality and integrity in a home inspection and you will get it with a Mike Holmes Inspection.

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