Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your report will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your inspection. If you need it to be re-sent, just give us a call.

The inspector is not responsible for the cost of replacement or repair. It is recommended that the Client obtain at least three cost estimates from qualified contractors before finalizing budgets for any work.

Under their professional code of ethics, professional home inspectors who are members of The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors are not allowed to be associated with any other construction or house related trade.

The inspection will NOT address environmental concerns including, but not limited to: UFFI, water quality/quantity, sealed/underground fuel storage tanks, asbestos, toxins, carcinogens etc. The inspection report will also NOT address infestation by wood-boring insects, rodents or other vermin.

Having a professional Engineer inspect your home is a personal choice, however it is important to understand that being an Engineer does not make them a home inspector as they will need additional training.

A typical home inspection of an average single-family home size 1800 – 3500 sq. ft. will take approx. 2.5-3 hours. During this time, a home inspector can thoroughly inspect your home, provide you with a detailed home inspection report and answer any questions you may have.
You are welcome and encouraged to attend your home inspection. We encourage you to attend the inspection so you can ask any questions you may have and be educated on your home.
If you will not be attending the full inspection you will need to consider the access your inspector will need to complete his work. Be sure to keep pets in a safe location and leave keys for locked areas including storage sheds, attics, yards, garages, etc. Clear snow or debris outside and move objects from around the electrical panel, air conditioning, furnace and attic.
Mike Holmes Inspectors have the education and tools to give you a thorough assessment of your home. Mike Holmes Inspectors all have strong backgrounds in construction and trades, along with extensive experience in the Home Inspection industry. They have gone through wide-ranging education and training to be able to provide homeowners with the best advice. Our inspectors are trained and currently using the Infrared Camera to enhance the inspection.
A Mike Holmes Inspection is an information service. As such, the inspection and the inspection report are not a guarantee, warranty, or insurance policy regarding the physical state of the Property or the current or future adequacy, performance or condition of the Property.
While the inspectors are familiar with the codes, the inspection to be completed is not a Building Code or By-Law compliance inspection. The client must acknowledge that it may be necessary to confer directly with authorities to confirm whether the Property meets Building Code or By-Law requirements.
At this time, Mike Holmes Inspections only services residential homes.

Yes. Just because the home is new does not mean that everything is in perfect condition. The home could have been built incorrectly, causing things to fail within the first five years. It’s always a good idea to catch problems early. An inspection is always recommended before purchasing a home (old or new).

If we find nothing wrong with your home including aesthetic issues that’s great news, but it is also unlikely. You will not receive a refund.
You will not receive a refund. An inspector may or may not be able to confirm the cause of defects, or make recommendations on any course of remedial action. Therefore, it is always recommended that a qualified specialist/contractor be consulted regarding specific issues of concern. There will always be inherent limitations to any home inspection and some issues may go unnoticed due to concealment or they may be intermittent in nature and will not be apparent at the time of your inspection. While Mike Holmes Inspections strives to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive inspection and report, it is not possible to discover or document every problem.
The inspection and the inspection report to be provided to the Client are for the sole use of the Client. The inspector and Mike Holmes Inspections shall not be responsible or liable for any use by anyone else of the inspection report or any other information provided.

You will receive an emailed copy of your inspection within 48 hours of your inspection.

If you feel we have missed an area in your home, please let the home inspector know before he leaves and he will go back and inspect that area. If you have any questions that are not answered, please contact us. We will not know the personal details of your home but we can put you in touch with the inspector directly.

With the exception of BC and Alberta, Home Inspectors are not required by law to have any designation or license.

We won’t grade the property pass/fail, the home will be assessed and the facts will be laid out for you. As certain inspectors may hint on their opinion, it is up to you as the potential homeowner to make your decision. A home Inspection is not an appraisal.

The law does not require a home inspection to be done. It’s beneficial to the seller to provide potential buyers with the home details. Most potential buyers will also choose to have an inspection completed on the home they are looking to purchase, just to be safe.

We are happy to answer your questions. If you need more information and advice or need clarification on the deficiencies identified in your report, give us a call and we will put you in touch with your inspector. 

Payment must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to your inspection. When you book a Mike Holmes Inspection, we will do a Pre Authorization of payment through your credit card. Once your inspection has been completed and you have received your emailed report, the payment will be completed. We accept MasterCard and VISA.

Yes, all of our inspections will meet or exceed these organizations’ requirements.

We do not address cosmetic issues or conditions. Our Inspectors will perform a visual inspection and photograph the manufacturers’ data plate. If newer and overall in good condition and safe to do so, they will verify that the appliances are functional at the time of inspection. They will document all damages, or limitations with photos, recommendations and comments in the report.

A roof inspection does not actually require any work to be done on the roof. Any decision to access a roof will be made at the sole discretion of the inspector, and should take into account site and weather conditions, such as snow or ice, height above ground, roof pitch, equipment limits, potential to fall on hazardous objects etc. Our Roof Inspection Policy is that all Mike Holmes inspectors are required to make every reasonable effort to thoroughly inspect the roofing system. If able to do so without damaging the fascia and soffits, the inspector will prop up their ladders against the house for a visual inspection. Inspectors will also scan the attic with the thermal imaging to detect moisture and penetrations to the exterior that are not sealed. This will help detect defects as a result of deficiencies related to the roof.