Should You Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 @ 11:48am

Too many people think of home inspections as tools for homebuyers only. A home inspection is an important part of buying a home. But home inspections are as useful for sellers as they are for buyers.

By showing you the strengths and weaknesses of your home, a pre-listing home inspection takes some of the stress out of the selling process. It helps you market the home better. It helps you set the right price. And it shows you’re serious about doing business. Inspections aren’t just for buyers any more.

Here are the top 5 reasons to pay for a home inspection as a seller:

A Home Inspection Can Determine Your Home’s Value

A pre-listing home inspection can help you determine your home’s true value. A qualified home inspector will go through your home and accurately assess the systems of your house. Maybe you neglected home maintenance tasks and now you are faced with large problems. New problems may have cropped up since you last had a house inspection done.

A Home Inspection Can Determine Your Home’s Value

On the other hand, if you spent your money wisely on renovations, they may have boosted the value of your home.

Negotiating Power When Selling Your Home

Negotiations are part of every home sale. A home inspection before you sell your house helps you prioritize repairs—those that you’ll pay for yourself and those that you’ll pass on to the buyer. It gives you an idea of the cost to make all necessary repairs (when you combine the house inspection with repair estimates from reputable contractors). And you’ll be more knowledgeable when negotiating with a home buyer who may be overinflating the cost of the repair jobs. (and seeking a big discount on the sale price).

Your Home Repair Checklist

A pre-listing home inspection helps you boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. We are not talking about putting wallpaper over a hole in the wall. A pre-listing home inspection gives you a checklist of repair items that can make a house look better, sell faster and, most importantly, function properly.


Taking care of small jobs can really improve your home’s appeal and make it sell faster.

Your Home Inspection Checklist

A home inspections binder sitting on your kitchen counter during an open house is very powerful. For example, flipping through the inspections binder, potential binders will see photos of your roof in great condition. The homebuyer now knows they won’t have to worry about reshingling anytime soon.

They will also see that the electrical, HVAC and plumbing have been inspected and everything checks out; the furnace was upgraded to an energy efficient unit; the air quality in the home is healthy; there’s no mold; the foundation is solid; and there’s proper grading and drainage around the home. If a homebuyer has visibility to the condition of the house, it will speed up their decision making.

Be A Fair Seller

If your real estate agent is suggesting you get a home inspection before selling your house, you have found a good one. A pre-listing house inspection shows potential home buyers that you are open and honest about the condition of your home. It demonstrates your desire to conduct a fair transaction. That kind of disclosure goes a long way toward building trust, openness and good faith—core values in any negotiation.

And don’t forget to hire a qualified home inspector for your pre-listing house inspection. Home inspectors that have a background in construction or building science will give you a thorough assessment of your house, not just a superficial, visual inspection.


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