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Pre-listing inspection

Addressing any deficiencies in the home before buyers find them helps increase the value of your home and reduce the time it's on the market.

  • Alerts you of safety issues prior to potential buyers visiting your property
  • Ranks and prioritizes deficiencies
  • Allows you to make any necessary repairs
  • Assists in property evaluation
  • Makes a property more appealing to potential buyers
  • Provides an unbiased assessment of the property before negotiations begin
  • Helps avoid renegotiations during the selling process
  • Reduces the risk of potential buyers walking away because there is no time for a home inspection

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Reduces the risk of unexpected and costly surprises, and helps you feel completely comfortable with your home purchase decision.

  • Alerts you of any deficiencies or safety issues
  • Ranks and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have
  • Provides tips and recommendations for correcting deficiencies
  • Additional articles relevant to information contained in the report (i.e. removing mould, reducing heat loss) for further education.
  • Can assist in acquiring financing and insurance

Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance inspections should be done every three to five years to identify and monitor certain conditions and components. For example, regular inspection of the roof gives a homeowner enough time to find the right contractor and get several quotes before a minor repair becomes an emergency.

  • Provides a blueprint for your home maintenance plan
  • Ranks and prioritizes any deficiencies a home may have
  • Offers advice and recommendations for approaching repairs
  • Helps extend the life of a home's many components
  • Can assist in reducing energy consumption costs
  • Helps homeowners avoid major repairs down the road

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Before taking ownership of your newly constructed home you will walk through the house with your builder. But an independent inspection completed by a qualified home inspector often uncovers deficiencies overlooked by the builder's inspector - sometimes even municipal inspectors.

If caught early, the builder can correct these deficiencies before you move in, so your home is the way it's supposed be the moment you move in. As a homeowner, a Pre-Delivery Inspection:

  • Ensures your newly constructed home is complete and ready for possession
  • Highlights health and safety issues
  • Helps ensure deficiencies are corrected under the New Home Warranty Program or at the builder's expense
  • Creates a deficiency list that can be used to correctly fill out homebuilder warranty forms
  • Prioritizes deficiencies and offers recommendations for approaching repairs

New Home Warranty Inspection

A New Home Warranty Inspection identifies any deficiencies that can be corrected under the New Home Warranty Program. The inspection must take place anywhere between thirty days and a year after taking possession of your home. As a homeowner, a New Home Warranty Inspection:

  • Outlines the builder's and homeowners' responsibilities
  • Creates a deficiency list that can be used to correctly fill out homebuilder warranty forms
  • Highlights health and safety issues
  • Prioritizes deficiencies and offers recommendations for approaching repairs

Expert Witness Services

Our inspectors provide their support and expertise to homeowners during legal proceedings related to incomplete or inaccurate home inspections, unskilled contractor services, builder incompetence, as well as other related disservices.

The legal process is intimidating - especially when you're up against contractors, builders or even other home inspectors and not familiar with the construction and home inspection industry yourself.

Not knowing the language, the terms and basic principles can be a big disadvantage. It would easier if you were an expert, so why not hire one?

Deck Inspection

If your deck is more than 5 years old, a deck inspection is highly recommended and should be followed up with an inspection every 3 years thereafter.

A MIKE HOLMES Deck Inspection examines the overall safety of the entire deck structure, including all major components (where accessibility is permitted). This includes:

  • Footings
  • Posts, beams and joists
  • Connectors and fasteners
  • Ledger board
  • Railings (handrails and guardrails)
  • Stairs, stringers and treads
  • Deck boards

Condo Inspection

A Comprehensive Condo Inspection is your condo's report card based on a top-down assessment of all accessible systems, mechanics and finishes, which also includes thermal scans. It's a step-by-step analysis and report of your condo's overall structure, functionality and performance to help you see its full value.

Our home inspectors examine the basic components and systems of your unit, as well as its finishes and fixtures, to provide you with proper documentation for long-term protection, including when renting the unit.

Healthy Indoor Air Testing

Indoor Air Quality assesment checks are important to ensure your family's health. Most people worry about the air quality outdoors, but the air inside your home can be 2-5 times more polluted.

Testing for VOC's-various materials in the home can release Volatile Organic compounds such as flooring, paint and kitchen cabinets. Follow this link for more information about VOC.

Testing for formaldehyde-Moderate exposure to formaldehyde can cause your eyes or nose to burn and a sore throat. But very high exposures can be toxic. It's been known to even cause some cancers. Follow this link for more information about indoor air quality testing

Mould Spores- Mould overgrowth triggers respiratory ailments such as hay fever, nasal allergies and asthma. And if ingested, significant concentrations of toxic bacteria can cause abdominal cramping, diarrhea and fever. Follow this link for more information about mould.

Radon - it is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Radon is a radioactive gas that can not be detected by the senses. Follow this link for more information about radon test.