A WETT inspection is like a thorough health check for your wood burning appliances and is primarily focused on ensuring the safety, efficiency, and compliance of wood-burning systems in residential and commercial settings.

This inspection is an ancillary service that goes beyond what a home inspector would do during the course of a standard home inspection based on the CAHPI Standards of practice. 


When it comes to your chimney and wood-burning stove, safety should always be the number one priority. A WETT inspection ensures that your wood-burning system is up to snuff and operating safely by identifying potential hazards, such as creosote buildup, faulty installations, or damaged components. By addressing these issues, WETT services help reduce the risk of fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other safety concerns associated with wood-burning systems.

Efficiency is another big benefit of a WETT inspection. We want your wood-burning appliances to work at their best, giving you the most heat for your buck. During the inspection, we’ll check for any worn-out or damaged parts or air vents that are not performing optimally and provide recommendations for improvements, and offer tips on proper usage and maintenance. By addressing these issues, you can ensure that your stove is running efficiently, keeping your home cozy while reducing your fuel consumption and saving you some hard-earned cash.

Compliance is crucial too. Building codes and regulations vary from place to place, and it’s important to make sure your wood-burning system meets those requirements. A WETT inspection verifies compliance, so you can rest easy knowing that your installation is up to code. It’s not just about following the rules; it’s about keeping your home safe and avoiding any legal or insurance complications.

Overall, regular inspections of your wood burning systems are essential for safety, efficiency, compliance, longevity, and peace of mind. By investing in inspections and maintenance, you can protect your home, reduce risks, and maximize the benefits of your wood-burning system.

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Inspection Packages and Services

Essential Home Inspection

The complete essential home inspection that every home must get – no exception – covering the basement to roof and exceeds industry standards.

Extended Home

Our most popular complete home inspection includes an Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Thermal Imaging, looking for heat loss, assessing energy efficiency and looking for value even behind the walls.

Premium Home Inspection

The Mike Holmes' inspection that goes even further. Protect not only your family's safety but also their health by assessing the Indoor Air Quality and Radon levels in the home.

Specialty and add on services

Breathe Easy with Specialty or Add-on services that can be added to your Mike Holmes Inspection package, including screening for radon gas, or mold testing for your family health & peace of mind.

Expert Witness Services

Our home inspectors can provide specialty expert witness services, providing neutral third party expert opinions based on his/her evaluation of a home.
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According to Health Canada, radon is the second leading cause of radon induced lung cancer in non-smokers. In fact, it is responsible for 16% deaths in Canada each year.
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Mike Holmes Inspectors use a moisture meter and infrared camera to check areas of concern for possible moisture infiltration.
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Well Water

Mike Holmes offers packages that can help identify harmful bacteria in your Well water.
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We recommend that septic system inspections be performed on an annual basis and prior to purchasing a home.
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A WETT inspection is like a thorough health check for your wood burning appliances.
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Not all Specialty & Add-on services are available in all areas, please contact us at 1-888-563-5699 for more information.

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What our clients say

At Mike Holmes Inspections, we believe in bringing the highest quality and being completely transparent with our clients. We go above minimum code to conduct the most thorough home inspection you can get. Trusted by our clients, we strive to continue to make it right.

Ottawa, ON Franchise - Inspector Nathan Boucher

I am very satisfied with Nathan Boucher report. He explained very well during the inspection. I will refer him to my friends and family.

- Anju Gupta
GTA, ON Franchise - Inspector Steve Blayney

Steve is very knowledgeable and friendly. His findings has provided me with a solid decision not to purchase that house. Looking forward to working with you again

-Diane Franchi
Ottawa, ON Franchise - Inspector Nathan Boucher

Our Home Inspector Nathan Boucher was exceptional! A true professional who was very focused and diligent throughout the entire process. He made sure to take the necessary time to fully understand our property and provided detailed notes every step of the way. Nathan was extremely friendly and easy to work with, especially during the summary portion where he made us feel extremely confident in our purchase decision, while also being very clear and honest regarding the advisable work that needs to be done. I can not recommend Nathan and Mike Holmes Inspections highly enough and will certainly be doing so to anyone who crosses my path. Thanks Nathan!

- Patrick Digby
Halifax, NS Franchise - Inspector Lissa Gladu

Lissa was professional, thorough, an excellent communicator, patient with questions, punctual and provided excellent service. Her in-depth report was provided quickly.

- Tracey Jardine
London, ON Franchise - Inspector Kory MacDonald

Kory was a wonderful inspector. He is knowledgeable, personable, and experienced. I never felt like he was rushing to get through the inspection of my house. His explanations to me were thorough and detailed, and he was able to explain issues he found in a way that I could understand. He was lovely to work with and I trusted his opinions and recommendations. From booking the inspection to getting the final report, I had a great experience and am happy I went with Mike Holmes inspections.