Marcia | Courtice, ON

Friday, August 28th, 2015 @ 11:12am

“I wanted a reliable home inspector, so I requested someone from the Mike Holmes team. They recommended the extended version because the house was quite old. I was very happy with the inspector, Andrew Dixon. He took his time and showed us his findings as we reviewed the exterior and interior of the home. He gave us peace of mind that there were no “dealbreakers”, however, we did go back to the owner before finalizing the purchase to request a few repairs/upgrades based on the report we received. The report was very thorough and included photos of all of the issues found. Most of these are regular maintenance and some are upgrades based on current building code. We felt after the inspection that the home was sound and that we were able to handle the maintenance involved. It was an extremely informative experience and Andrew was very knowledgeable!”

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