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Inspections for sellers

A Mike Holmes home inspection provides home sellers an advantage too! When you are selling your home you will most likely need to get an inspection, however, getting one before your listing can put you ahead of the game. A (pre-listing) home inspection will provide sellers with an accurate third-party view on the condition of the house prior to putting your house on the market. A home inspection eliminates surprise defects and allows problems to be corrected or at least acknowledged, prior to putting your house on the market. A pre-listing home inspection offers transparency so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing.

Inspector using thermal imaging camera on house

What you need to know

Potential home sellers should expect quality and integrity in a home inspection and you will get it with a Mike Holmes Inspection. You can expect Mike Holmes inspectors to give you a thorough assessment of every single part of the home and help you understand what it means. A Mike Holmes Inspection report will provide you with a comprehensive assessment to make an informed decision about what repairs and upgrades should be made before the home goes to market.

Mike Holmes inspectors are highly skilled, trained inspectors working in the field, with many having an engineering or construction background. Improving the industry by providing a service that goes beyond the highest standards is what you should expect from a Mike Holmes inspection. But more importantly, it gives homebuyers peace of mind that comes from knowing their home has been inspected, using the best equipment, by skilled professionals who are committed to their work.

Be present at your home inspection

Whether you are buying or selling your home you should be present during the home inspection. This is the biggest and most important investment of your life and you should know what your hard earned money is buying or selling. Being present during a home inspection allows you to discuss any concerns or get answers to your questions in the moment with the home inspector. It allows you to have a better understanding of the home and its systems. Every home will have its issues but a home inspection should highlight the major ones, however,  being able to assess and understand them will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

MIKE HOLMES inspectors provide you with:

  • Peace of mind and protection of your investment
  • Follow stringent protocols that go beyond industry standards
  • Follow stringent protocols that go beyond industry standards
  • Attention to detail and experience help ensure that problems that could potentially cause extensive damage to your home are detected when possible
  • Experienced professionals that receive ongoing training and attend annual conferences required to keep up with the changes to regulations and advancements in technology

The Mike Holmes Difference

When you get a Mike Holmes Inspection, you get a thorough visual examination and assessment that uncover defects and deficiencies in the home by our qualified, and knowledgeable inspectors. All Mike Holmes inspectors are accredited with a Level 1 Thermography certification, plus they work to my standards!

Home seller inspection packages


Home Inspection

Mike's most popular home inspection includes Thermal imaging and Mold testing to help determine your home is safe and energy efficient by investigating air quality and air and water infiltration.


Mike's top to bottom inspection


Thermal Imaging


Mold Testing

Not Included

Radon Testing


Home Inspection

The Mike holmes' inspection goes even further beyond the basics. Protect not only your family's safety but also their health by testing for Radon.


Mike's top to bottom inspection


Thermal Imaging


Mold Testing


Radon Testing

Inspection Packages and Services

Our most popular complete home inspection also includes Thermal Imaging looking for heat loss, assessing energy efficiency and looking for value even behind the walls.

The Mike Holmes' inspection that goes even further. Protect not only your family’s safety but also their health by testing for any abnormal mould growth and radon levels in the home.

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What's included in my home inspection?

With Mike Holmes Inspections you can expect a thorough assessment of total home health and performance that guides you to buy better, sell better or improve better. Our checklist includes a visual roof inspection with EyeStick®, a complete interior finish assessment, HVAC review (heating, cooling, and ventilation), electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, and a structural review from foundation to roofline. A Mike Holmes Inspection report, delivered within 48 hours, will provide you with a comprehensive document to make an informed decisions on your new, old or future home.

Inspection of the following is included:

  • Drafts Around Windows & Doors
  • Roof Shingles
  • Roof Flashing
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Driveway Inspection
  • Furnace Filter
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Deckboards & Ledger
Inspection Points
Inspection Points

What our clients say

At MIKE HOLMES Inspections we believe in bringing the highest quality and being completely transparent with our clients. We go above minimum code to conduct the most comprehensive and thorough home inspection you can get. Trusted by our clients, we strive to continue to make it right.

I wanted to email after spending the afternoon with Dave to inspect our potential home in Orillia.   I have never seen a home inspection that was so thorough or professional.  I learned more from this home inspection than I did watching my father finish project after project during my childhood.  Dave took the time to explain all of his concerns from start to finish, taught me what is and is not acceptable about each issue and why they were or weren't a cause for concern. I wanted to go into this project with both eyes open, and after this inspection I feel like we're taking on this project with x-ray vision.

Thank you so much for doing what you do, and I will definitely recommend your business to everyone I know, as well as call for your help in the future. Again, thank you
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