The Importance of Getting a Home Inspection

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 @ 3:29pm
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Blog by: Mark Diplock, Lead Inspector at Mike Holmes Inspections

I’ve been asked this question a hundred times. Is it really necessary to have a home inspection done on the property I’m planning on buying? Or I’ll hear, my father or uncle works in construction and knows what to look for in a home. Or I can get a feel for the home and see things also. Or the excuse, well a home inspection is expensive and I would rather put that money towards something else.

Well the simple fact of the matter is this, if you are planning on making the single biggest purchase of your life, isn’t it just plain smart to know as much about that purchase as you possibly can before you commit to making those mortgage payments? Unfortunately, it’s been shown that people will actually spend more time deciding on which car to purchase or in some cases a new pair of shoes. But a house purchase is different. With a car purchase you take it for a test drive. If you are buying a pair of shoes, you try them on. The problem is, when buying a home, there is no trial. You don’t get to live in it for a few weeks to see if it is functioning properly and no falling apart. In fact, most people actually spend only 1 or 2 hours in the home before they make the decision to purchase.

Your Purchase Decision

Knowing this now, doesn’t it make sense to hire a trained professional to inspect your house thoroughly? A home inspection should help you with your purchase decision.

As the lead inspector for Mike Holmes Inspections, people often ask me what home inspectors look for when they asses a house. I also get asked why it is important to have a trained independent professional do the inspection. So while your dad or friend may know a lot about construction or even be in the trades, they are not professional inspectors with the training, experience and knowledge required to know what to look for on every major component of a home. This is why our Holmes Approved Homes builders use us to conduct third party home inspections to conduct thorough inspections during each phase of construction to ensure you’re going to live in a quality home.

Watch below to see Holmes Approved builder Rinaldi Homes and I go through “The Final Inspection” of one of their new builds.

Risk Reduction

Keep in mind that a home inspection is an exercise in risk reduction. By its very nature and limitations involved it is impossible to eliminate all the risk involved, it will without a doubt, uncover issues that will cost you money down the road. A home inspection will give you a better idea of the overall condition and life expectancies of all the major components of the home and whether or not there is a concern that you may be facing a major cost repair in the foreseeable future. The main purpose is to try and assess these risks and decide if they are or may become a major risk factor. Many people seem to think that the home inspector is going find every small problem and make a “to do list”. While this is sort of true, it’s not the main purpose of the inspection. We are there to find the big problems, however, we are naturally going to find smaller problems while looking for those big ones. We are likely even going to list some of these smaller concerns in the report as courtesy, but we certainly aren’t going to list every single minor defect like paint chipping. Every home has some flaws and imperfections, there is no such thing as a perfect house. If you ever find one please let me know, I want to see it.

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